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Award-winning dog training resort in Houston, TX, dedicated to bringing you and your dog closer together with the help of our expert trainers.

everything we do is rooted in positivity and backed by research

Dog training is our specialty and our primary goal is to help you achieve harmony in your home and enrich the relationship with your dog. Our Trainers are certified in multiple specialties and we stay relevant in the most current, positive-reinforcement training techniques. Our programs are designed to fit most every dog's training and behavioral needs.

From owner,

Anna Foster

When I opened Peace Love Dogs in June 2011, my vision was to have the very best training facility in the Houston area.

Twelve years later, we have grown into an award-winning, training-first resort, where our focus remains on helping our clients improve the bond with their dogs. Along the way, we added luxury lodging and training-based daycare for our Alumni and offer master-level grooming services to everyone.

For me, it’s about improving and enriching the lives of dogs and their owners. Our commitment to integrity and love extends beyond the dogs. We don’t just train, we build relationships.

We welcome you and your dog to our PLD family!

2021 - Swoon Magazine Memorial

voted #1 Dog Boarding and Runner Up Grooming

2022 - Swoon Magazine Memorial

voted #1 in Dog Training and Runner-up in Dog Boarding and Grooming

What We Offer




We have a team of expert, certified Trainers. They will train your dog using the most relevant, positive-reinforcement training techniques and unmatched passion.

We have a variety of training programs, both at our training resort and within your home environment, including Private Lessons, Prep School, Group Classes, a virtual Separation Anxiety Training Program and more.

We can't wait to meet you and your pup(s)!


first-rate resource. second home for our alumni & students.

Training is life-long and our lodging programs offer packages that Include refresher training sessions while your dog stays with us. You can take a break while your dog continues to learn.



a fresh wash, a master groom, and a wag-worthy brush-out are just a few of our treatments that keep your furry companion looking fresh. If your dog is anxious in the grooming environment, we have trainers who can help!


Enroll your dog for educational, enriching training programs at our training resort or in the comfort of your home.


Prep School is an Alumni favorite! This 4-week program is perfect for puppy and dog owners who want to be involved in training, but would also love expert and dedicated help! We save you time and effort with the initial training, then we’ll teach you how to continue and maintain your dog’s training so you and your dog are ready to enjoy life together. Life with a well-trained dog is easier and more enjoyable!

This is a outstanding program for puppies 5 months and younger, but most any

- 20 days of training

- 3 one-hour lessons

- 3 half-hour lessons

- great for general obedience & manners

- also customizable to focus on key areas of training


6-weeks, 1 class per week


This class helps you build a solid foundation of social skills and manners for your new pup and is a great way to develop a great bond with them! In this class you and your pup will learn all about socialization, crate skills, potty training, puppy nipping, handling, petting, grooming, name recognition, leave it and more. And you'll have fun!


This class is ideal for graduates of our Puppy Class, or most any dog over 5 months old starting out in their training. We also welcome dogs who just need to refresh some manners or skills. In this class, you and your dog will learn/refresh name recognition, sit, down, leave it, loose leash walking, come, wait and even a trick or two!


This program is designed to help you target specific behaviors or manners, with support and guidance of an expert Trainer to help you get there!

You and your dog will get one-on-one attention during weekly lessons. You get to learn the training techniques to practice with your dog in between lessons...and for life-long training! Private lessons can be at our resort, in your home or a neutral location. We offer 4 and 8-week packages.



Does your dog panic or act-out when left alone? Are they destructive or possibly even injuring themselves while you're not home? They could could be experiencing separation anxiety, which is one of the most difficult behavioral problems for you and your dog to overcome. You’re not alone and we can help! At PLD, we are proud to have a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer (CSAT) on our team. JJ is one of less than 250 CSATs worldwide. She can help you modify your dog's behavior so you both feel less stress when you have to leave your dog at home. 


Are you unsure of what you and your dog need? Click on any of the BOOK A DISCOVERY CALL buttons to schedule a time to meet with one of our Training Specialists. We're ready to help you start this journey with your pup!


Training-First Philosophy

As a training-first facility, Peace Love Dogs exists to strengthen the bond between family pets and their pack through education-based programs, true teamwork, and a few well-deserved treats.

Our programs prioritize training, including lodging and daycare. Dogs are always learning at our facility using positive reinforcement methods with lots of love.

Approachable Professionalism

We have an approachable team that will never judge you or your dog. Dog ownership and training is not easy, but we encourage both! We are staffed with professional and kind humans who love dogs and animals of all kinds and understand dog behavior to help you achieve goals. Our Trainers are certified, including but not limited to CPDT-KA, IAABC, CSAT, FPPE, CSCC, AKC Evaluator and more.

Luxury Training Resort

Peace Love Dogs has a modern, inviting design and is always tour-ready for clients to visit without appointments. We prioritize safety with multiple safeguards around our facility, including 6-8' fencing, a series of secure gates, fully enclosed and temperature controlled dorms, suites, training rooms and more. Our state-of-the-art wet-vac system keeps the facility, floors, dorms, and suites clean and disinfected.

Alumni Eligibility

Once your pup graduates from one of our prerequisite training programs, they’re officially a PLD Alumni. That means you will have Alumni perks, such as access to Alumni Lodging, Canine Academy, Refresher Days and specialty classes!


are Saying


Crystal and Kay are the best! They have worked so well with Hagrid and we have seen so much improvement.


PLD is an exceptional training facility . My dog, Dixie has learned some really good behavior!


We have found the PLD team to be friendly and accommodating to the unique needs of our puppy, Winnie. Their facilities are impressive, and the best we have personally seen in Houston.

Winnie made significant progress during her training with Ivan. We could not be happier. We strongly recommend PLD for anyone looking for training or lodging for their dog. We were so happy with our first training program that we decided to book another one.


I couldn’t be more happy and impressed with the entire experience from my initial inquiry with Reception to the weekly lessons with Greg and our dog Knox. Everyone is extremely professional, responsive to all communications and every trainer/handler that I met genuinely cares.


We signed her up for prep training and we are now seeing the fruits of her work. The love, patience, skills, and professionalism of her dog trainers at PLD has been something to behold. The front desk team is friendly and welcoming. The training sessions are informative and helpful. My husband and I feel like we are gaining invaluable skills to help our dogs become the best ever. The facility is clean and bright. We are grateful we found PLD and cannot recommend them enough.

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